Boyd’s Defensive Arts, LLC – based in Yorktown, Virginia – provides self defense instruction through martial arts. Fundamental principles of self defense are taught using a martial art called “Chon-Tu Kwon Hapkido” (more commonly known as Combat Hapkido”). We have joined with Action Arts Academy USA, LLC  (“AAA”) to provide Combat Hapkido instruction to complement their TaeKwonDo program.

Combat Hapkido – whose slogan is “The Science of Self Defense” – is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline/system of self protection that includes an extensive variety of break-away techniques, effective strikes, joint locks, pressure points, ground survival, and weapons disarming techniques.

The result is a practical, comprehensive self defense system that is enjoyable to learn and is truly effective in realistic situations. Our Combat Hapkido program is taught with its own curriculum in separate classes from the AAA TaeKwonDo program. In a manner similar to the TaeKwonDo program, ranks (or belts) in the Combat Hapkido program start at White Belt and progress up to 1st Degree Black Belt (and higher). You can choose to train in just the TaeKwonDo program with AAA, or just the Combat Hapkido program, or you can study both and earn ranks in both martial arts… The choice is yours and depends on your training goals.

Boyd’s Defensive Arts, LLC is a Charter Member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation and teaches Combat Hapkido under that Charter.

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