April 13, 2023

#combathapkido 4 in class tonight.After a long spring break hiatus, started review of all material from the beginning as a refresher. From before the break, congratulations to promotions: Kim (Blue Belt), Michael (Yellow and Orange Belt)!

Feb. 18, 2023

#combathapkido 5 in class today… 1 white/yellow belt, 1 brown belt, 2 purple belts, and me… so we continued working on everyone’s new material… As an added bonus, one student wanted to surprise me with an arm around choke from behind while I worked with another student. After escaping that “surprise choke hold” (without hurtingContinue reading “Feb. 18, 2023”

Feb. 4, 2023

#combathapkido 5 in class today… final promotion of this round… and everyone started working on new material. Congrats!

Jan. 26, 2023

#combathapkido 3 in class today… continued with curriculum… one promotion to purple belt and one new member! Congrats!

March 12, 2022

Congratulations to Sita on Yellow Belt promotion! Sagan continues to progress on Purple Belt material (and all prior material).

February 12, 2022

It was a good day of review for new white belts and green-to-purple belt… Lots of punch drills to start with and lots of take downs for the remainder of class. And, welcome Sita D. and Chuck K. as new ICHF members!

January 8, 2022

Long day of Combat Hapkido today… Started with teaching a class from 10-11am in Yorktown… 2 students there – one new. Welcome to Combat Hapkido, Sita! Next, drove from Yorktown to Richmond for a combined Gup and Black Belt test… Congrats to all those newly promoted to their next rank!

October 28, 2021

Change of plans… We did have class tonight. It was test night – Congratulations to Sagan for successfully moving to Green belt.

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