Recent sessions

I have neglected to post about recent sessions around the holidays… So, here’s an update. On each of these days: December 26, 2020; December 29, 2020; January 2, 2021; and January 5, 2021, small one-on-one or one-on-two sessions were held for personalized training. The one-on-one sessions are working a student up to Orange to Green Belt material. The two-on-one sessions included the same student working through Orange to Green Belt material as well as a returning student who had previously been with us (and ICHF) and has now decided to return after a few years hiatus. They will rejoin ICHF shortly. Welcome back!

We continue to operate under extremely limited circumstances and are working small contingencies in my garage as we can. As before, whenever we are allowed back in our facility (which is an Elementary School Gym), we will transition back there. But, being a County owned facility – and schools are still not in session person – it will still be a while.

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